I Am

I am here.


Seven hundred & thirty one days since an event that changed my life. A vehicle struck me in a crosswalk in my hometown in an area notorious for sporadic street light intervals, resulting in speeding and rushing traffic. The body was launched a full car’s length to the opposing side of the intersection. I was reduced to an echo in quicker than an eye’s blink. Into a black abyss the physical body, heart & mind fell. To ruins.


Now, the present. Time seems to carry little significance these days. Constant change and transformation takes place. Health comes in waves to the conscious states of mind, body, heart, & soul. Change is ever constant in a landscape that becomes increasingly subtle. Ripples pour across the mind’s eye, stillness & peace present. Shades darker the stillness grows, glorious in It’s depth. Passing beyond the presence of the single moment; the single breath, static builds, thoughts converge, lines connect, equations made, echo’s witnessed. Memories of story past are revisited, brightened with the light of concentration & focus. Neural pathways actively conduit information faster than light: thought speed. Instantaneous.


I am here, & I am to tell this story to the world. My story.

I wish you all the best~


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