Months to weeks, days to hours, minutes to moments, seconds to nothing

Sun’s rise, a day has begun. A bountiful breakfast of fresh papaya, pineapple, scrambled eggs, granola & yogurt sustain the vessel. Trending: smoked paprika, cayenne, maple syrup, yogurt help make a balanced equation for the body. All increments of a complex algorithm, currently favorable. Akin to complex computations, the body absorbs minute quantities of vitamins & minerals, just enough to assist in a transformation yet never beyond the individual’s balance. The greater the balance, the greater the opportunity to change all within the scales of steadiness & ease.

By now, an active morning has taken place. A seemingly full night of rest sits on the mind. Enough to reason the rise with May’s full moon, stretch, feed the cats, clean the home, launder the clothes, visit jacuzzi & pool, waking the body in water, culminating in a morning’s greet of the Sun at the cliffside. If there is someone, some thing observing us from a celestial body in the heavens, this life is honored to stand at the ready for each day. To stand resolute like a mountain, flourishing like the fleur de li, “all is well within, all it well without.” A 3 day per week average is being met.

Near habitually, the increasingly yang movement practice evolves & continues, rapidly transforming the body, allowing rest in all forms to follow in the amplitude of such rigor in grace. Consistently, the walk back up to the homestead is a slow saunter, soaking up the movement of each individual stride. Within, without, breathe in, breathe out.

Thinking back, thinking back briefly of this life’s story. To here, under what circumstance  have I arrived at this moment?

Today I am awake, & nourishing the physical vessel with all sorts yin. Today, a great calm prevails on the trade winds.



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